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Jupiter Imagery Index

NOTE: This page provides quick links to all Jupiter imagery provided in the Exploring The Planets online exhibition. More detailed descriptions of each image are provided within the online exhibition. Reproductions or copyright information must be obtained from original image source given in credit line.  For information on ordering NASA images, please see Sources of Earth and Planetary Imagery.


Jupiter (whole)*
Jupiter (clouds)*
Jupiter's Ring
Jupiter (atmosphere)
Galileo Spacecraft
Jupiter (whole)
Great Red Spot (rot.)
Great Red Spot
Jupiter (polar view)


Thumbnail -- 155k GIF -- 40k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 168k GIF -- 43k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 155k GIF -- 45k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 14k GIF --- 19k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 105k GIF -- 34k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 104k GIF -- 36k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 140k GIF -- 35k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 275k GIF -- 73k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 185k GIF -- 52k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 174k GIF -- 36k JPEG


--NASA Image ##P21082
--NASA Image #79-HC-65
--NASA Image #79-HC-72
--NASA NSSDC #260-608
--NASA Image #P21599
--NASA Image #P20772
--NASA Image #P20995
--NASA Image #P21148
--NASA Image #79-HC-41
--NASA Image #74-HC-680



Jupiter and Moons
Io (volcano)
Io (whole)
Io (volcano)
Io (sodium cloud)
Io (volcano)*
Io (volcano)*


Thumbnail -- 123k GIF -- 34k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 99k GIF --- 17k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 124k GIF -- 44k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 182k GIF -- 50k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 151k GIF -- 61k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 201k GIF -- 78k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 125k GIF -- 33k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 167k GIF -- 54k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 195k GIF -- 71k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 147k GIF -- 46k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 215k GIF -- 56k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 154k GIF -- 67k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 187k GIF -- 60k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 112k GIF -- 14k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 101k GIF -- 16k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 155k GIF
Thumbnail -- 116k GIF


--NASA Image #P21631
--NASA Image #P21223
--NASA Image #260450
--NASA Image #79-HC-269
--NASA Image #79-HC-282
--NASA Image #79-HC-286
--NASA Image #79-HC-84
--NASA Image #79-HC-277
--NASA Image #79-HC-283
--NASA Image #79-HC-88
--NASA Image #P21277i
--NASA Image #P21334
--NASA Image #P21457
--NASA Image #P21780
--NASA/JPL Table Mountain Observator
--NASA Image #P21305
--NASA Image



Magnetosphere (inner)
Magnetosphere (outer)
Radio Noise (graph)


Thumbnail -- 114k GIF --- 37k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 134k GIF --- 55k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 184k GIF --- 79k JPEG
Thumbnail -- 226k GIF -- 142k JPEG


--National Air and Space Museum
--National Air and Space Museum
--National Air and Space Museum
--National Air and Space Museum

* Image is not shown within the Exploring The Planets online exhibit.

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